Holographic Images

HOLOGraphic Images​

Holograms are revolutionizing the world in several surprising ways. The Website “Before I Fall Asleep Corp., aka 369. energy,” provides an introduction and glimpse into the technology of 3D holographic imagery and its innovative use for the broader market. Holographic technology is used in augmented reality, PowerPoint, and holographic projection. This holographic technology could also be used on a personal level. Our focus is to bring about awareness of this new cutting-edge technology. This technology includes Artificial Intelligence and how it will transform the evolution of technology. With 5G at our doorsteps, we must recognize how it has improved and changed our daily use of technology, providing a faster speed to upload and download data. This current generation has been introduced and tailored with various new networks on the business platform. It introduces new additions to “the Internet of Things,” along with high-tech innovative machinery and autonomous driving introduced by Tesla Chief Elon Musk.  

 As aforementioned, this ties into the hologram technology that will revolutionize how we interact with this new generation of technology. The major companies, such as Amazon, Google, Instagram, Microsoft, NASA, IBM, and Xerox, use the technology of holograms. These companies are an excellent review of what is to come as we move forward with educating about new innovative technology via 3D and how it will change the worldwide market.